This is where you will put your page content.... you may just copy and past another page into here - just copy all the page between the and tags, but do not include those tags.

Don't forget to adjust the blank.gif width to match the border width of the background you are using, and the alt attribute is 2 quotes with no space between "". This is so you fullfill the requirement of using an alt tag but not actually providing any alt text, which you don't want for spacer images.

The theory:- You are using the width setting of the blank gif to hold the left cell open to that width, it cannot get any narrower, but it can get wider depending on the width of the content in the right hand cell, so we make the right hand cell expand as much as possible by giving it a 100% width, forcing the left cell boundary against the blank gif - think of this 100% cell as a "balloon" cell expanding to fill up as much space as it can.

Do not give your table any alignment, you can have unpredictable results if you do! By default it will align to the left. If you are using a fixed pixel width table you can also keep it in the center of a wide browser window by using an alignment of center, but do not give it an alignment of left or right as this can cause you problems when using more than one table down the page. (see the next page).