Scary night 



JER_Tarja  tag van
Tag Along Tubes

mou_triumph* from mou_tubes

psp10558-SCHoyer-Reaper*  from here

de Tube_MySwordByLucille_DragonBlu1008* from Dragonblue

material here

Foreground color 1d2127
Background color 586979


Flood fill with background color


New raster Layer
Flood fill with foreground color


Open your mask Wyntermask190308 and minimize it
New mask layer from Image
Invert mask data checked


Copy mou_triumph* and paste as new layer
layers - merge - merge group


Activate raster deform tool

and pull your Image out to all sides
see my Image
Adjust - Sharpness - Sharpen


Open JER_Tarja and copy and paste as new layer
Image - resize 55% all layers not checked
Move her a little to the left down
Drop shadow 5-5-60-15-black


Open psp10558-SCHoyer-Reaper* and copy the layer with PG Rated
paste as new layer
Image - resize  50%
Opacity on 71
Move her to the opening of the gate
and pull this layer under your other tube layer


Open  Tube_MySwordByLucille_DragonBlu1008* and copy and paste as new layer
Image - resize Image - resize 50% all layers not checked
Move her to the down to the right corner
Opacity on 76


Activate your text tool
Choose a font of your choice
and type your text
Convert to raster layer
Also pull this layer under your tube layer


Activate your top layer
Activate your Warp brush

And click on noise with these settings



Pull the finger from the woman a little up
Edit - Copy merged


Open animation shop
paste as new animation


Back to PSP
Click once on undo
Take an other finger and take the same steps as explained  in step 8
Back to
animation shop and paste in selected frame  


Repeat this until you are happy with your results

I had in total 5 frames 
in animation shop
Animation - frame properties - Change display time to 20
Save as gif



This lesson was written on 20-10-2008 by Sandra