Below is an outline of the lessons I will be doing following the Course from Winni-WebDesign Lesson Group

The cells below are linked to the lessons I have completed.

Lesson 1
Colour co-ordination
Lesson 2
Seamless tiles
Lesson 3
Dividers 'n' Buttons
Lesson 4
Side Borders
Lesson 5
Double Border
Lesson 6
Top Border
Lesson 7
Using Fonts
Lesson 8
Headers 'n' Logos
Lesson 9
Lesson 10
Java Applets
Lesson 11
Shadowed Borders
Lesson 12
More Fun With Java
Lesson 13
Lesson 14
Framed Page
Lesson 15
Enhancing Pages with Tables
Lesson 16
Image Slicing
Lesson 17
Image Mapping
Lesson 18
Lesson 19
Lesson 20
Grand Finale

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