Autumn Goddes


tube KS_Autum-15-10-2008 from kitty Snijders got it here

Tube Fall Leaves sm psx_mas_9-02
I Don't know where I got it anymore.

If you recognize it as yours let me know please so I can give you the credit for it.

Mask is from phylsMask


Foreground color on eca513
Background color on e74300


open an sheet from 650x450
Flood fill with your foreground color


New Raster Layer
Flood fill with your background color


open your mask Autumn and minimize it.
Layers - New Mask layer from Image
Activate masker autumn
Source Luminance and Invert Mask checked
Click ok

Layers - Merge - Merge Group
Adjust - sharpness - sharpen


Activate raster 1 and add a New Raster Layer
Activate your selection tool - rectangle
select the inside from your frame
If you start your selection in the right coroner you will get an nice selection


open AutumnSerenityBomen and copy it
Back to your sheet and paste into selection, select none
Opacity on 59


Activate your bottom Layer and duplicate
Effects - Texture effects - Blinds
Width 4
Opacity 100
Color e74300
Horizontal and Light from left/top both checked


open your tube KS_Autum-15-10-2008 and copy
Paste as new layer on your sheet - Mirror
Resize with 50% all layers not checked
move to the left inside your mask against the edge
Opacity on 79
Adjust - sharpness - sharpen
Drop shadow 2-2-50-5-black


open Fall Leaves sm psx_mas_9-02
Activate Freehand selection - Freehand and select your leaves one by one

Copy - Paste as new layer on your sheet - Select none
Repeat this untill you have all the leaves you want on your sheet and move them on a nice place
With your Raster Deform tool you can make them smaller and turn,the way you want them


When you are happy with your results close the two bottom layers and Merge the others visible

Drop shadow 2-2-50-5-black
Opacity on 75
open all your layers

Layers - Merge - Merge All (Flatten)


Image - Add Borders - 1 background color


New Raster Layer and add your watermark
Image - Resize - 650 width
Layers - Merge - Merge All (Flatten)
Save as JPEG

I hope you liked the lesson
This lesson was written on 25-10-2008 by Sandra

Lesson was tested by Hieke

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