China Girl

You will need
 tube mc1971 komt from here

the other once are from Hans




Open a sheet from 650x650
Foreground color on ccb95d and background color on e1d7a2
Gradient on linear 90-1- invert checked
Flood fill with gradient


Select all
Open hjr_misted_japanhouse
New Raster Layer
Copy and paste in selection on your sheet
Select none


Effects - Art Media Effects - Brush strokes
Softness 86
Brush bristles 14
width 4
opacity 4
length 4
density 79
angle 136
Dark foreground color


New Raster Layer and paste as New Image
move to the left upper coroner 

 Opacity on 43
Adjust - Sharpness - Sharpen


Open HJR_orientalGirl_10Apr2007*
Copy and paste on your sheet - Mirror - move her down to the right against the edge
in your blend mode on hard light


Duplicate this layer
Effects - Distortion effects - Wind 100 left
Effects - Texture Effects - Blinds 3 - 100 - our dark color -   horizontal checked
Pull this layer under raster 3 opacity on 69


Open mc1971.psp and copy
Paste as new layer on your sheet and move down to the left coroner a bit outside your sheet
see my Image
Opacity on 46
When you are happy with your results

Layers - Merge - Merge Visible



Copy your Image
New raster layer and paste as new layer
Image - Resize 85%


Activate your bottom Layer
Adjust - Blur - gaussian blur 20


activate your top layer
Drop shadow 2-2-60-2- dark foreground color

 repeat with -2, -2
Layers - Merge - Merge All (Flatten)


Add Borders 2 pixels with your dark color


New Raster Layer and add your watermark


invert your fore and background color and activate your text tool

Choose a nice font of your choise and add your text

I used Elegant-script,  size 72, stroke width 1
Drop shadow 2-2-60-2-zwart
Duplicate this layer
Effects - Distortion effects - Wind 100 left
Effects - texture effects - Blinds same settins as before
Layers - Arrange - Move down


Layers - Merge - Merge All (Flatten)
Image - Resize 650 width
Save as JPEG

 hope you like the lesson
lesson was written by Sandra on 27-09-2008


lesson testet by Hieke